Helper City Municipal Corporation
Appointments for 2010
Mayor - Edward Chavez
Public Safety, Administration -- All departments, Building Authority,
Economic Development
Council Members All Council Members - Economic Development, Building Authority

Library/ Parks/Grounds (city parks, lawns, ball fields, cemetery)

Chris Pugliese---------------------------------

Public Works, Planning and Zoning, Mayor Pro Tempore

David Dornan--------------------------------- Electric Department, Pool, River Restoration Project, Arts Festival
Tom Williams----------------------------------

Building Department/ Museum/Rio Theater Light Parade

Gary Harwood--------------------------------

Price River Water Improvement District Board Member, Recreation, Car Show.

All Counsil Memebers---------------------- Economic Development/Building Authority/Light Parade/Arts Festival
Municipal Offices   
City Recorder ----------Jona Skerl
City Deputy Recorder ----------Joan Burgess
City Treasurer ----------Ellie Jones
Chief of Police ----------Trent Anderson
Municipal Court Judge ----------Linda Murdock
Public Works Director ----------Gary Harwood
Museum Director ----------James Boyd
Fire Chief ----------Richard Colombo
Planning Zoning Board  

Tom Paluso  


Jean Boyack


Charlie Jones


Grant Howell


Tom Hatt


Council Member Chris Pugliese

Board of Appeals (Planing & Zoning)  
All Council Members and Attorney
Angela Sampinos
Board of Appeals (Personnel Issues)  

Attorney Angela Sampinos


Joan Burgess


Mark Wickman

Library Board  

Mark Wickman


Michele Goldsmith


Lita Riley


Colleen Curtiss


Council Member Amanda Wheeler


Museum board and historic preservation committee

Pat Kokal


Bill Gigliotti


Brenda Deeter


Kimberly Marshall


Gregory Payne


Stella Wickman


Walter Jones


Council Member Tom Williams